ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC is a professional Destination Management Company, Inspired by experience, love for life and leisure. We are worldwide recognize and appraise by our clients, local and foreign governments and other third parties for our professionalism and customer satisfactions. At ETT your satisfactions is priority while bearing in mind our vision. Our recognition as Tour Operators by the Cameroon’s Ministry of Tourism and Commerce as Inbound and Outbound Destinations Management Operator, is what has place us at the top of travel and Tourism in Cameroon

As a Designation Management Company (DMC), the services we render to our clients are tailored towards specifics required by selecting services and hotels as per their specific requirements and the given budget. Utmost care and special attention is given to minute details, so as to make their trips and tours the most memorable one.
Our Conferences & Exhibitions Division has requisite experience to provide the conference support and administrative services which help the conference planners to focus on the planning and content aspect only, while, all the other responsibilities are de-facto handled

Our services begin much before the event is planned, as we provide all the relevant information on suggested venues, bid documentation, budgeting, finances, as well as, identifying sponsors, which helps in making the conference a success. We also extensively, market conference / exhibition worldwide to ensure greater participation to the conference planner we promise our support in assisting their association in making a passionate bid for international and national conferences. To be with them at every step of the way, right from bid preparation, selecting the venues till the time the last delegate leaves the meeting.

We believe that travelling should be an opportunity to explore, understand and enjoy the diversity of our planet. ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC is a member of, Africa Tour Operators, ASTA, and ATA, approved by the ministry of Tourism and Leisure in Cameroon.

ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC is a small but accurate company. We strongly believe the only good service in this business is a personal service.

Our mission is to become the Destination Management Company (DMC) with the final touch by offering just that little bit more attention to the details. In our office we speak English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, and Pidgin English etc.


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