Most Student after  completing high school  want to  further their education abroad in advanced countries  or  in other  continent for several  reasons, may  be  because the  program  which they intend  to study is  not  offered in their home  universities or  maybe  they want to  change environment  and learn  new  cultures. But then you net  to  obtain  a  Student visa  or  a Study  in your  desired country which  you wish to stud. At ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC we aid or assist students to gain admission to foreign universities, feed them with all the information required to obtain study permit or student visa. We  have  partnership  with reputable   universities  all over the  continent  which  we  work  with  to  assist  students through their admission process, obtaining a Study permit  and  finally getting to the university.

Note that at ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC we do not issue visa or  have  any influence  over  the  issuing  of  Student  Visa , the Embassy  of the  desire country  reserves the  right to  issue  the  visa  base  on their  judgments and   if  you have  meet their  requirements. That  why  we  make  sure  you meet   the requirement and  aid in compiling your documents  so that  you  stand a high chance  to  obtain the  study  permit.

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This   visa is for people who want to visit a country on temporal basis or shorter for several reason, May be for Tourism, for family visit, For Business trips or Holiday. At ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC we know  that  you have  busy schedule and  sometime is very difficult  to  run round to get information o browsing online  to  get the  right information and  compile the  right  documents  for  visa  processing, There bearing in in mind those  facts  we give you the  right  information and  help you through  the  process in obtaining this  visa.

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Getting a job overseas can be very difficult and if you finally get one the work process is to get a work visa or work permit and some people actually who actually have  an employment offer abroad actually  lost the  opportunity  because they  could not  get a  work permit from  the  embassy or consulate may  be, because  of  lack of  information or they did  not  following the  right process. ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC have  decided to  take the  stress on your  behave to  search  for  job opportunities  abroad  where  many power is  in short supply and  also guide  you through the processing  successfully getting a work permit. The process may look very simple  as it is  but  may be very difficult if you don’t have the   right  information and this  may be  a  waste of  your  own time and  money. At ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC we help you get what you need and at minimum service cost to save your time and money    

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This  kind  of  visa are  for people who want to  going  their families  abroad permanently  or temporally. Also permanent  residence is  giving to  experts or business men who  want to  relocate  and  reside in a  foreign  country permanently and obtaining a permanent  or  temporal visa is sometimes very  stressful and  time  consuming. There are many ways and options to get a permanent or temporal residence is in difference countries. At ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC we facilitates this process with proper documentation and we follow the right procedures through our visa consultants and immigration lawyers.

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In Cameroon there are companies and business men who want to get into international business. But getting  and invitation for  business trips, talk less of  getting a  business  visa to attend summits, business conference or business  meetings  with their business partners really sometime discourages Cameroons business men because the visa process is  very stressful and  most  at time  unsuccessful. But with the aid of our visa processing assistance at ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC we  our  visa  consultants will  handle all the  documentation  work  and  give you the  right information  and  save  you from stress.

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