Our Destination Management professionals, with their wide knowledge and experience in organizing meetings & corporate events, will support you with the perfect solutions to achieve your ultimate goal of business gains. ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC provides all professional support to make your project a great success through our elaborate range of services such as assisting the partners in deciding the right venue for their events, assistance in procuring the state of art technical equipment’s for the congress, logistical support for VIP services, Cameroon VISA, hotel bookings, arranging gala & theme dinners, etc., with a professional touch.


Our team does have a vast experience in handling various regional and international meetings, conferences, product launch, corporate events etc. You will find our knowledge as a great treasure to perch onto the right choice. Our professionals have been in the industry over the years and they do possess deep rooted experience in the industry, thus helping you all along in taking the right decisions on choosing the venue, hotels or if you desire the complete programme can be organized by ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC. With our experience in Cameroon and all over the World, we can ensure your event to be a grand great success.

As a DMC in Cameroon, we have successfully performed many events that has exceeded the customer’s expectation and satisfaction.  It is our commitment that we will not compromise on our quality and international standard, whatever be the budget of the event.



Cameroon holds a special place as one of the world’s best Incentive destinations offering over 100 incentive programs in Cameroon. We at ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM are capable of providing every services and products required for a successful completion of incentive program. We guarantee to prove the fact that “Sky is the limit” let the incentive program requirement may extremely challenging but we meet it with our experience and resources. Our team can manage every Incentive Programs with utmost perfection, deep rooted local knowledge, dedication to work & deep knowledge of the region, ensure to make your project a great success. Dealing with us, would mean that you are dealing with the “Leader” in Destination Management Services in Cameroon, Africa and while not on earth. Our services are just not limited to the following but many more……to mention a few:-

Cameroon Incentive Programs

Assisting partners in Planning and Deciding the right venue & product

Organizing VIP services; we go beyond the normal limit to get the best, this make us different and it is must for a success of an incentive program.

Logistical support with a professional multilingual team and brand new fleet. Logistical support is the back bone for the success of incentive program

Multi-lingual tourist guide services for orientation programs.

Hotel bookings; we can offer most competitive rates in the Cameroon and Over the world

Gala dinners, team dinners and special dinners, a few of the theme dinners are our own signature programs.

Team building activities at the beaches, Packs, Mountains as well as in the middle of the desert.

Adventure programs – we offer tailor made program for every age group and interest.

  • Various tailor made desert and mountain programs.
  • Yacht and catamaran cruising with numberless activities.
  • Special excursions and spouse programs.
  • Golf Package in Dubai & team building program in the beach and the desert
  • Activities at the Ferrari world, Yas Marina circuit
  • Beach activities and beach BBQ dinners

In short your local partner is capable of doing every activity from arrival until departure.

We believe in the great philosophy of King Napoleon “Nothing is impossible”,,,, yes…….. It is proved at ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM… since the very word impossible means to us as I’m possible……../


To answer the question, as to why Cameroon is a most wanted venue for congress or why Cameroon is the right choice for conference and incentives program in Cameroon the simple answer to this precious question, is the availability of world class venues, an excellent destination well-located to facilitate easy access to participants from various parts of the world, flexible visa policy, good flight connectivity, safety to all participants, since Cameroon, is one of the safest countries in the world. This is a country with blue waters and white sands symbolically expressing the perfect mix of business with pleasure, and finally because your most required professional partner ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM, a leading DMC in Cameroon, are right here to pave the way for your success.


Cameroon has witnessed many great congress and prestigious incentive programs from various parts of the world, and the city has excellent conference options. It would be difficult to match the facilities available for a conference in Cameroon or for incentive events in Cameroon, with anywhere else in the world. Let the event be in Cameroon anywhere else in the world big or small, we are here to support you throughout. In Cameroon, there are many conference facilities to choose from, which are sure to match well with your requirements. The best way to put it would be, you decide – we provide it. May it be anything under the planet that is required for the conference, ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC are the masters, who can meet all your requirements. The city is ready with a wide range of professional conferencing facilities such as conference rooms, audio- visual facilities, well linked transportation, multi lingual support etc. ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC, with its outstanding experience as a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and event management company in Cameroon promises to make your project a great success.

We are well acquainted in organizing projects right from the planning till its execution, all along providing support and solutions.

At ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM, Our team of professionals are the market leaders in organising conferences in Cameroon and we are not limited to the Cameroon, but our services are extended all over the word. We are accustomed to manage your event with logical support, hotel bookings, helping you with selecting the right venue for the conference, as we have a trained team to support you with hotel bookings, conference venues, mass transportation, pre-conference registration, handling information desk etc. Our expertise offers venues with the state- of- the- art equipment’s to cater to the needs of any kind of conference bringing the world under one roof.

ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM Conference department, arranges matchless conference facilities for VIP delegates and groups at the various hotels all over Cameroon. Be it medical, business, banking or international conferences, we captivate the needs of our valued clients depending on their budget. Your perfect partner ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM – let us share your most difficult task with an easy solution.




ELLOMEH TRAVEL & TOURISM are the masters in events management, may it be a group of 1000 guests or any tiny group, and we are there to offer you with every solution to your requirements. The company with years of experience achieved by striving hard and performing 1000’s of events guarantee you that every project undertaken by us will be successful.   We do have the infrastructure to host any event in the whole of Cameroon and Africa. Our team of devoted professionals are dedicated to make your events a mega success with their local knowledge & experience, linguistic power, logical support, expertize in planning and management. We have handled many large events which vary from gala dinners, product launches, team building programmes, fashion shows, competitions, and many other projects. With a smile, we perform our job rendering you overwhelming satisfaction.


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